How To Wear Fur In Your Transitional Wardrobe

June 20, 2019

Fur is typically considered a heavy winter material but there’s absolutely no reason you can’t start wearing it now. Even if the leaves have only started to change colors and you’re not ready to pull out your winter coats yet, you can still incorporate fur in your summer to fall outfits. You’ll look chic and seasonally appropriate, guaranteed.

Fur coats are very warm and better suited for cold temperatures, so it’s best to leave those in your closet for now. Start small with lighter pieces and accessories to add a luxurious touch to your transitional look.

Layer With A Fur Vest
A vest is the perfect type of outerwear to wear in between seasons. It will give you the right amount of
warmth and coverage when it’s not quite cold enough for a full jacket yet. And a fur vest is ultra stylish and versatile.


There are many ways to style a fur vest. You can use it to elevate a casual jeans and t-shirt/blouse look. For a more sophisticated feel pair it with a blouse and trousers instead. Layer it over a skirt and blouse; this is an outfit that looks amazing any time of day. You can wear it with a dress. Floral, slip, or knit dresses of any length are perfect for day. For an extra style points, throw it over a jumpsuit!



Now is the sweet time of the year you can get away with wearing both summer and winter textures so why not make the most of it? You can wear your fur vest over your favorite summer dresses, mini skirts, or even shorts.



A fur vest also makes an excellent cover up for nights out or special occasions in the fall. You can pair yours with your going out dresses, tops, and skirts to really go all out. They also look beautiful with gowns in case you have a wedding, gala, or ball to attend.


Shop our selection of fur vests here & here.


Opt For Fur Accessories
Fur isn’t just for clothes. If it’s still too warm for you to wear a fur coat or vest, you can enjoy all the luxury of fur while remaining comfortable with fur accessories. Besides, they have been trending for the past few fall/winter seasons. A fur accessory will definitely be all you need to make your outfit stand out.


Swap your regular old knitted scarves for a fur scarf instead - it’ll take any outfit to the next level. A fur stole, cape, or shawl makes an excellent replacement for a jacket. Just like a fur vest, these items can work for day or night with a variety of outfits.


 Fur scarves look beautiful paired with evening gowns and occasion wear but you can also wear them during the day with your everyday looks. They will surely spice up your lunch/brunch outfit, or add just the right amount of warmth for out-and-about kinds of days.



Since fur accessories are such statement pieces, you can keep the rest of your outfits and accessories simple. Fur looks great contrasted with other textures like leather and suede, so keep that in mind while choosing your bag and shoes to match the fur.


Shop our selection of fur accessories below: 


Fur shawl

Fur stole

Fur cape


The best thing about fur vests and accessories is that you can start wearing them now and continue on all winter long. You can also use these tips for your winter to spring transitional wardrobe as you start layering down!




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