Why Fur Is Eco-Friendly

October 8, 2018

When you think of Eco-friendly clothing, earthy fabrics like hemp, linen, and bamboo are probably the first to come to mind. But did you know that fur can justly be added to the list of Eco-friendly materials?


Fur is a long-lasting and natural material. As it is a luxury material, it’s not mass-produced like the many different synthetic fabrics found in inexpensive clothing commonly used by fast fashion brands. It’s also a renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable resource.


Synthetic materials create a lot of toxic waste. Materials such as faux fur use up to one gallon of petroleum (a nonrenewable resource) to produce a few jackets. Unsurprisingly, the fast fashion industry is one of the worst in the world for pollution. Their production creates harmful chemicals and toxic waste that harm the earth. Plus, if a synthetic item doesn’t get recycled or donated it takes years and years for them to break down in a landfill. It’s estimated that 80% of synthetics aren’t biodegradable!


Fur, on the other hand, comes from a natural and durable source. A good quality fur piece (coat, shawl, scarf) can literally last generations and still look amazing. Perhaps you’ve seen some furry family heirlooms already. If not, just pop in to your local vintage shop for proof! Fur is a worthy investment if there ever was one because you’ll be able to wear it to the end of your days and pass it on to loved ones to do the same.


Fur production is also less harmful to the environment than synthetic fabrics. Less chemicals are used in the process and it’s generally done on a smaller scale. Often natural materials like salt, water, cornstarch, and lanolin are used in treatments. Plus, it is a key part of the animal product recycling chain. Fur is a naturally biodegradable material that can easily be recut/recycled into different products. And when it deteriorates, it can even be composted!


In today’s world where sustainability is so important and landfills are getting filled with thousands of pounds of cheap, disposable clothes, fur really is a great option. It’s beautiful, natural, gentle on the planet, and can be enjoyed for many decades. Consider fur the next time you want to make a fashion purchase that is truly timeless. 



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