The Versatile Fur Shawl

October 8, 2018

A fur shawl is one of the most versatile pieces you can invest in. There are many ways you can style it, and many occasions you can wear it for. Here are some of our suggestions:


Wrapped around the shoulders with one end pulled through the slit
This will add an elegant touch to any outfit. It would look great paired with an evening gown on a night out, or even during the day over a sweater or cardigan. Depending on the temperature, you can also use your shawl as an extra layer on top of your coat.

 Gathered at the ends together, tied with rhinestone embellished band (included)

Add some extra sparkle with our provided rhinestone embellished band. This is the perfect accessory for a special night out, and a unique way to accessorize with shine apart from jewelry. This is also something you can do during the day just to spice up your outfit (style with a sweater and trousers or over a simple dress).

 Flung over the shoulder

Achieve the perfect effortless glam look by simply flinging your shawl over your shoulder. This is something fashionistas love doing with regular scarves, so with a fur shawl it will look extra cool and stylish!

 As a shawl with the ends hanging loose over your arms

This is a very timeless and elegant way to style your shawl. It’s a great way to accessorize an evening dress while still showing it off. It also adds some extra class to a day look like a fitted sweater and pencil skirt or trousers.

 As a belt

If you want to get creative and fashion forward, why not try wearing your shawl as a belt? This is a beloved trick by fashion stylists, editors, and bloggers. It’s an unexpected and cool way to take your outfit to the next sartorial level.


Fold it along the length to have a double sided fur scarf hugging your neck

Stay cozy and chic with this method. Consider it an extra-luxe version of a regular scarf. This is a look you can wear with almost every outfit, from evenings out to brunches to running errands in the city. Besides, it will be much warmer than your knit scarf!


Shop the OBURLA fur shawl here.

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