How To Take Care Of Your Fur Garment

October 8, 2018

A fur garment is a statement/investment piece that requires specific care and upkeep. As long as you properly store and clean your fur, it will stay looking fabulous for years to come.

Storing Fur


Fur stores best in cooler temperatures. During the colder seasons, it’s fine to store your fur as usual in your wardrobe. However, fur is at risk of being damaged during warmer months. Heat, dryness, and humidity are not good for fur. Plus, insects and and mothballs are much more prevalent during the spring and summer.


So, how do you properly store your fur so it retains its beauty until winter comes again? There are two options:

  1. A professional service. Many fur retailers provide professional fur storage. This is a good option because you won’t have to worry about your fur all summer, and the service usually comes with an inspection to make sure your fur is still in excellent condition.

  2. Home storage. If a professional service isn’t an option, you can still store your fur at home during the summer. Just make sure you’re storing it in the right place. Avoid any places with humidity, direct sunlight, or high temperatures. Ideally you’d want to store your fur in a dark, air conditioned room where it has ample hanging space. If possible use a fur garment bag (not made of plastic so the fur can breathe) and a proper fur hanger with shoulders that maintain the shape.

Cleaning Fur
Regularly cleaning and glazing your fur is essential to keep its natural sheen and softness. Unlike storage, fur cleaning is something that should always be done professionally. Glazing is also important, especially in dry climates, so that your fur doesn’t dry out and retains that silky smooth feel.


It can be hard to tell when your fur needs a cleaning, but once a year should do the trick. If you leave your fur uncleaned for too long, dirty particles begin to build up in the oils at the bases of the fur. The hairs will start to stick together and create a matted appearance. You can get your furs cleaned at leather cleaning services, certain dry cleaners, or a fur retailer.


In between professional cleans, you can also do light maintenance at home. By simply giving your fur a good shake, you can dislodge particle build up and remove dust particles. There are also fur brushes (similar to pet brushes) for reducing clumps and matting. If you need to remove a stain, gently dab a clean cloth across it (no soap!). Don’t use too much water as you don’t want the fur to retain too much moisture, and allow the fur to dry naturally.


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