How Fur Styling Has Changed Over The Years

October 8, 2018

For centuries, fur coats have represented the ultimate expression of luxury fashion. However, the styling has changed a lot since your grandmother started wearing her mink. Here’s a brief evolution of how people have been wearing their furs since their rise to popularity.

 Fur has been a staple clothing material for thousands and thousands of years. In the beginning, fur was used for practicality rather than fashion. Cultures in harsh Northern climates began seeing the value of fur for warmth. It became popular among Scandinavians, Russians, even native groups in North America.


The first record of fur being used as a luxury material was in 11th century Europe. Rather than being used for warmth, it was used as a status symbol for the upper classes and royalty. To this day, fur is associated with wealth and decadence. By the 1300s, laws were introduced that permitted specific social classes to wear specific furs. Back then, men and women would simply wear their furs as outerwear over the fashions of the day.


Fur styling really began to change in the 1950s. Celebrities from Old Hollywood popularized fur in movies and on the red carpet, and designers started incorporating fur into their more casual designs. They started making shorter fur coats which were easier to wear during the daytime. In the 1960s/1970s rock stars began popularizing fur coats in an edgy way (paired with leather trousers or jeans), which is something we still see today.


In modern days fur can be styled in more ways than ever. While it’s still most commonly worn in the traditional way as elegant outerwear for special occasions, celebrities and fashion bloggers have made wearing fur look appropriate for any time of days. It’s not a rare sight to see women wearing a fur coat with a casual jeans and t-shirt/sweater look, or over a casual day dress. Though fur is undeniably a statement piece, it doesn’t mean you have to save it for a special occasion anymore like your grandmother did. It’s now normal, and even encouraged, to wear it in your everyday life!


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