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  • WARMTH WITHOUT BULK - Versatile and easy to wear, this fur vest is a wardrobe essential and is perfect for the on-the-go woman. Throw this vest on at the beginning of fall and don't take it off until the first day of summer!
  • GENUINE FUR - GENUINE LUXURY. - The signature beauty of classic fur is well captured in this exclusive Rex Rabbit fur vest. The Rex Rabbit’s fur is thick, plush, velvety and short, resembling luxurious sheared mink and chinchilla furs.
  • FASHION MEETS FUNCTION - The sporty silhouette and genuine leather accent make it versatile and transitional as fall approaches. The easy zipper and mandarin collar provide added protection when the temperatures drop, so zip it up and throw on the layers!
  • CARE & MAINTENANCE - Please dry clean your fur vest. It needs tender care to maintain its beauty for years' worth of pleasure.


Genuine Fur. Genuine Luxury.

The world of genuine fur is one of beauty, magic and dreams. Let yourself be lured into this captivating atmosphere and enjoy your very own private luxury, by wearing genuine fur from OBURLA.

Your fur vest will outlast the rest of your wardrobe in more ways than one. Fashion trends come and go, but high-quality fur never goes out of style. Fur vests and jackets have become some of the hottest (and warmest!) pieces in any contemporary fashionable wardrobe, and can be dressed up or down to complement any outfit. Whether you're going to a charity ball, a casual dinner party, or a date night out, you can look absolutely smashing in fur.


A Woman’s Must-have

The OBURLA rex rabbit fur vest is an essential addition to every women’s wardrobe. Pairs well with your favorite outfits and matches to everything in your closet, this fur vest gives you a sleek look that is timeless and classy, and expresses the signature beauty of Fur.


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OBURLA Women's Real Rex Rabbit Fur Vest - Genuine Leather Accented Zipper -Black