Genuine Fur. Genuine Luxury. 

Superior Quality at Affordable Prices. Authentic Luxury is Here.

At OBURLA, great style is a part of who we are. It’s a luxury everyone should afford, and it’s why OBURLA created this line of Rex Rabbit Fur garments with such exceptional value. Genuine Rex Rabbit fur is sumptuous and classy. Being unbelievably velvety and plush, the fur resembles luxurious sheared mink and chinchilla furs. Rex Rabbit fur is one of the finest of all materials, incomparable in warmth, texture and appearance to faux furs. Now, we can all enjoy the finest hand-selected furs, superb craftsmanship and a flawless fit at prices that won’t break the bank. Choose from many colors and styles. Finally, genuine quality and fashion for everyone, every day!


The Evening Collection

The Evening Collection

The Everyday Collection

Your fur outerwear will outlast the rest of your wardrobe in more ways than one. Fashion trends come and go, but high-quality fur never goes out

of style. Fur vests and jackets have become some

of the hottest (and warmest!) pieces in any contemporary fashionable wardrobe, and can be dressed up or down to complement any outfit. Whether you're going to a charity ball, a casual dinner party, or a date night out, you can look absolutely smashing in fur.

Fur Accessories

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